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Round Laundry Basket | Handwoven Water Hyacinth Basket | Wicker Basket

Round Laundry Basket | Handwoven Water Hyacinth Basket | Wicker Basket

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Our versatile Water Hyacinth Woven Basket, a true testament to craftsmanship and style. Handwoven with care, these round baskets are made from sustainable water hyacinth, creating a unique and visually captivating addition to your home decor.

The small round basket measures 13" in diameter and 13" in height, offering a compact yet practical storage solution for smaller items or serving as an eye-catching centerpiece. The large round basket measures 17" in diameter and 15" in height, providing ample space for organizing larger essentials or making a bold statement in any room.

Our Water Hyacinth Woven Baskets boast a truly unique style that effortlessly complements various interior aesthetics. The intricate weaving technique showcases the natural beauty of water hyacinth, creating a visually stunning texture that adds a touch of rustic elegance to any space. These baskets are not only versatile storage solutions but also decorative accents that elevate your home decor.

To maintain your Water Hyacinth Woven Basket, simply wipe it clean with a soft, damp cloth when needed. Avoid placing it in direct sunlight or exposing it to excessive moisture to prevent any potential damage. Embrace the handcrafted imperfections of the woven pattern, as they add to the unique character of each basket.



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